White House gives OK on F-M diversion project


WASHINGTON – U.S. Sen. Kent Conrad says the Obama Administration has given its approval for the Red River diversion to move forward, a pivotal procedural step for the $1.8 billion Fargo-Moorhead project.

The White House’s backing was needed before the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ top officials could sign off on a Record of Decision, a document which officially sends the project to Congress.

“This is another critical step to advance the project before Congress can authorize it and then provide the funding,” Conrad said in a statement.

The North Dakota Democrat said this afternoon that the White House’s Office of Management and Budget told him they completed their review of the metro flood control project and determined that it is consistent with the policies and programs of the president.

The administration’s approval allows the Record of Decision to be signed, which Fargo-Moorhead officials expected the corps to hand down in early April.

Once that happens, the project’s opponents will also have the chance to file lawsuits protesting the current plans.

Several communities south of Fargo-Moorhead have expressed concern over the project’s plan to temporarily store water upstream of the diversion, which could displace at least a few hundred homes and residents.

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3 thoughts on “White House gives OK on F-M diversion project

  1. fool hardy. country is broke. going to put 1.8 billion towards a diversion that will end up costing 3 billion and cause millions of damge up and downstream every time there is a flood. fargo wants to develope in a slew. and the folks up and down stream have to pay for it with their heritage, farms, business, schools and churches.
    there should be special place in hell for the planners and condoners of this foolish waist of money. there is a better way.

  2. Senator Conrad, We would like to know if you understand this projects supports flooding out your voters who have not flooded out by those who have built in the flood plain. Those who built in the flood plain knew it was to low and still build there and admit to doing that and sill want to make others pay for their error. We would hope that you would counsel the president to not fund the project.

  3. This is stupid!!! Why do those of us that did not build our homes in the flood plain have to be punished?? Its time for some change in congress i belive. Thanks alot to my elected officals for looking out for the rural people that voted for you. I guess we dont matter out here in the sticks.

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